It’s hot, hot, hot…So what do you do?

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Summer is well and truly upon us now with parts of the UK seeing the mercury head up over the 30 degree mark – Lovely if you are on holiday, but in the workplace it can be just too uncomfortable. So how do you stay cool?

Stay Hydrated – Drink plenty of water, if you do not have a water dispenser in the office, be sure to keep a bottle of water with you at your desk at all times. If you start to feel light-headed in the heat, it could well be dehydration; water can help to prevent that happening.

Dress Sensibly – We live in a changing working environment, in excessive weather most bosses will take a relaxed approach to dress code, as long as it does not breach health and safety, employees should feel they are able to dress comfortably to enable them to work competently and efficiently.

Stay Cool – Easier said than done you might say, but there are things you can do to help. Even if you do not have air conditioning, sometimes you might be better off with the windows closed. If it is warmer outside, you are simply letting the warm air in to the building. You can also turn off any electronic gadgets that you are not using – As well as saving money on the bills, it can help to drop the room temperature.

Then of course there is the personal fan. Individual employees can be kept cool with a fan at their desk, or larger pedestal fans in a small office can help to keep bodies cool and minds focused…Summer doesn’t last long in the UK, but whilst it is here, make sure you are prepared!

We can help with supplies of water, bottled or dispensing machines, and we have a range of fans available to suit your needs as well as a wide range of other refreshing drinks and maybe in the hot weather you are thinking of moving your lunch outside? We can help there too, with a range of catering supplies – Please ask for details.